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30th Anniversary, 30 CARTS at Kelso 2017

This website is a source of information to help those who are interested in keeping the working skills of the Bernese Mountain Dog alive.

We have fun weekends where you can bring your Bernese along and have ago at carting under the supervision of experienced carters. We offer advice on how to get started, where to source a cart and purchase a harness.

Bernese Carting Group also run competitions throughout the year, which are generally held at Breed Fun events. There are currently five competitions that determine at the end of the year the Top Working Cart Dog


Relaunching of the Bernese Working Cart Group 2017 / 2018

10 years ago I remember writing exactly the same headline when Frank Whitbread stood down, and here we are again.

We emailed and put a message on our Facebook page to inform every one of our intention after a meeting we had with everybody,  who was at Roade in May.

We asked people to come and speak to us if they would like to move the group forward, making a new carting group, run by younger people, under guidance from those with experience.  We aimed to step down at the last competition of the year which was the End of Season at the GB Garden Party in September.

We have two people who have shown interest and are willing to work together initially until it is decided who should do what. These people who have come forward are Diane Crawshaw and Chris Handley. Di has the experience to pass on to Chris and Chris has the willingness to learn and is very keen, so they will become in time Chairperson and Secretary.

Keith Brown has said he will provide and keep up to date all the scores and produce Certificates for the competitions.

Tom and myself will probably carry on with the First Draft cart training if it is required and will be at hand for any crossover between the new Team. Also we will carry on with the website and update when and if it is required.

As far as the Treasurer,  we have approached someone but will confirm  at a later date.

So this is the start of new beginnings and we thank Di and Chris for taking it on board.

Finally we would just like to say a very big thank you to three special people who are dear friends ,and who have supported us 100% from the very beginnings.  Lee and Julie who have been with us all the way and we have all enjoyed their evening entertainment and of course winning the coveted bottle of cheap plonk and Diane Crawshaw,  totally committed to the working side of the breed.

Next year I think we all agree that we need to concentrate on getting some new judges and I think this is top of the agenda for Di and Chris. We are losing Lee and Tom as judges for the foreseeable future as I think they have done there fair amount of innings.

There will be more updates as time goes on.

 Tom and Wendy Murray

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